Firebird Dream

If you want a killer cuppa coffee, the most delicious pizza you’ve ever experienced or a bit of quiet time with a good book, we got you! 

Born out of a love for people, good food and vibrant living, Firebird has created a nest just so on the main drag of small town Levin; a refuge from life out there; a warm community of like-minded souls.

Creator and bringer-to-life, Toni, started her phoenix rising journey in 2013 while dancing and breathing in the atmosphere of the bustling city of Buenos Aires.  Days spent exploring and tasting her way around the city – and nights dancing tango with handsome Argentinian strangers and friends. When she wasn’t dancing or eating, she was learning to speak Spanish, taking singing lessons, making and exhibiting art, and learning a new way of being. The sense of freedom and self expression sparked the idea of creating an oasis at home that was a place where people could be nourished with good vibes and experience inclusivity and community in a beautiful space.

Toni created a small food stall business as a starting point – with borrowed equipment (and money!) Firebird turned into a more viable business after her brother and sister-in-law built her ‘Gloria’ – the little red caravan. Gloria took Firebird to many places and events – public and private. However, after an enforced month off, Toni realised she need an HQ from which to operate and develop the business from. She leased a large building in Levin on state highway 1 and set about creating her dream space.

Known for her infectious and memorable smile, Toni has travelled widely searching for what is important to her. Fearless people, good food, music and dancing, challenging art, and interesting ideas; in a word, wholeheartedness. Team Firebird – Toni and her family and like-minded friends, have created this vibe of wholehearted fearlessness by staying true to the idea that inclusivity and integrity come first. There are often 4 generations of women and girls at the cafe – the smallest wiping tables with wholehearted attention to detail, and the eldest enjoying a latte and cake! The dream would not have become manifest without family and friends – the sparks to kindle the flame of the bird. 

Infinite Love and Gratitude to all those who have helped the dream come alive and keep burning brightly.